Focused offensive cybersecurity solutions fortifying the security posture of organizations.

We are experts in adversarial simulation, advanced persistent threat emulation, penetration testing, red teaming, attack surface analysis, and threat hunting. 

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To combat today’s cybersecurity threats, the best defense is a good offense.

Our cybersecurity consultants will go on the offensive against your environments and help you identify complex security risks and undetected vulnerabilities.


Our team of hackers has the expertise, technical skills, and certifications required to get the job done.​

Rotas Cyber Security Assessment Reporting

Clearly articulated, contextualized reporting that conveys everything you need to fix in order to be secure.

We recognize that a critical aspect of project delivery is to report our findings in easy-to-understand and contextualized terms. Plus, we give you peace of mind by showing the comprehensive nature of our efforts that ensures you we haven’t missed anything. 

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